Master P Isn’t Waiting On Anyone To Make His Own Master P Biopic

Why wait for the world to give you your due respect when you can move ahead with the task yourself? Percy Miller sure isn’t waiting. OG rapper Master P is taking the preservation of his legacy into his own hands and releasing his own biopic. The turnaround on the passion project, named Ice Cream Man: King of the South, will be quick, too. He announced that the movie will hit theaters in spring 2016.

The New Orleans-bred rapper has already released a trailer for the film, which P co-wrote with Parde Bridget and Wayne Conley. The film’s robust description reads:

Written by Percy Miller, Parde Bridget and Wayne Conley brings alive the real story of young Percy Miller “Master P” and how he became one of the most influential names to Hip Hop. Master P broke major music barriers in the late 90’s with a 80/20 distribution deal that changed the industry of the hip hop world. Master P and his No Limit Record Company INDEPENDENTLY sold 75 million albums world wide in a time when hip-hop was dominantly run by the West and East coast. Master P gave a voice to Southern Hip Hop and exploded the culture, the soul, and the heart of what southern hip-hop is.

Master P is the definition of the American Dream, coming from one of the murder capitals of the USA, the Calliope Projects in New Orleans, LA, to being one of the top ten highest grossing entertainers according to Forbes Magazine. Fans across the country say they are excited about the success of the NWA movie and cant wait to see the Master P movie next. This generation of moviegoers want to see real life bio stories now, and they will be in for a treat with Ice Cream Man “The King of the South” The Master P bio film coming to theaters Spring 2016.

Watch the vintage-style teaser right here.

Master P Isn’t Waiting On Anyone To Make His Own Master P Biopic

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